We develop tools in the fields of Architecture and Architectural Visualization.
-Design tools, parametric design
-Workflow optimization, exchange of data between design platforms

Here are some tools that we use to optimise our workflow in 3dsMax.
They all come with an installer and will appear in the "Tools" menu.

 Mirza Link Manager.mzp

  Create virtual links between your 3dsMax scene and models from Archicad, Revit, Sketchup and Rhino.

Original meshes are automatically reorganised by materials in 3dsMax.

All modifiers,properties and materials applied in 3dsMax will be subsequently applied to the corresponding meshes when the links are updated.

This is a fully working version with a trial period of 7 days.

If you can’t install by drag’n drop make sure to run 3dsmax as administrator and choose “run script” in the maxscript menu, then browse to the downloaded file.

ATTENTION: Archicad 21's ".obj" export is buggy, we recommend exporting from AC20 until this is fixed for linking into 3dsMax (or use .skp format)


   a simple utility to drop objects on a complicate ground - Free


   copy and paste properties from an object to other ones - Free


   copy and paste properties from an object to other ones - Free


  Relocate, replace or search missing maps, and see on which materials they are placed - Free


  Some instance related tools - Free